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online shopping


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Aomine Daiki's Character Development tho (ノಥДಥ)ノ*:・゚✧

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lookin at the booty like
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lookin at the booty like

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toddlers are essentially just drunk college kids

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The video is even better:

The male competitors are in awe the whole time, and even the commentators learned to stop saying, “I don’t think she can do this.”

She’s amazing.

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don’t underestimate me. i’ll wear sweaters in the summer. i’ll eat like eighteen gallons of ice cream in the winter. fuck the temperature. i don’t give a fuck

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things i want to do with u:

  • take u to a place with low light pollution so u can look at all the stars
  • make out
  • dance by ourselves in the middle of the night
  • go to a cool place
  • bathe together
  • walk around a museum and hold hands
  • play the sims using the most ridiculous strategies 
  • make out
  • build a blanket fort
  • make out in said blanket fort
  • love you forever

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lok snapchats taken by bolin, korra and asami, and kai respectively ;)

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"you’re too young to determine your sexuality" said no one to the heterosexual teenager

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an emotional roller coaster from start to finish

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I need to have as much wild sex as possible so one day I can become an inappropriate old lady that blurts out things like “when I was your age I got a concussion after being bent over a desk” and then my family can be like “grandma please, you’re making easter dinner really uncomfortable” and it’ll be great

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